How To Make your WordPress site MultiLingual

How To Make Your WordPress Site MultiLingual

You must have visited hundreds of international websites that are originally built in some other language but still stand right to serve you in your language too. You must have also wished your site to be multilingual so that it can be enjoyed by people from different parts of the world who speak different languages. This task, of making your site an internationally-accepted site providing access in various languages is easily achievable as WordPress enables its users to do it as it creates diversity in its user’s sites. But, how to do it? Today in this article, we will show you how to make your WordPress site multilingual.

All you need is a plugin that could convert your site into a multilingual website. There are numerous plugins available in the WordPress plugin inventory, but we’ll here tell you the one which is free and the best that you can get. These can proceed translating your original language from posts to an entire site. So you can customize these plugins the way you want. However, there can be some questioning over the accuracy of the translated content, but that won’t be a big deal because even Google itself isn’t an accurate translator.

How To Make Your WordPress Site MultiLingual

The very first thing you need to do is to install Polylang WordPress Plugin, or you could simply find it through your ‘plugin’ tab from the dashboard. Just type in polylang in the search box and then install the plug-in and activate it when installed.

Install Plugin Polylang

Once installed, all you need to do is just go to “languages” under your settings tab on your dashboard.

Languages wordpress

There, you could see a ‘Languages’ tab, click on it and add the language you want from the drop down menu. You just need to select the language from the list and it itself fills all the other required information. We chose French. When selected, click on ‘Add New Language’ on the bottom of this page.

choose language WordPress

That’s it, you have added your language. It’ll be on your site now. Also if you want to make translations yourself, just click on the strings translation tab and do it by clicking on apply. It’s easy. You can add as much languages you want. Also, this also comes up with the ability to automatically switch to a language that is preferred by a browser.

For example, if you log in from a system having French as a preference then it will open in French language by default. Also you can change the language for all if you want, as if I want my website to be entirely in French only so that even non-French users see French, you can simply click on ‘French’ from ‘show all languages’ on the top of the screen.

Show all languages wordpress

However, it is highly recommended to let it be to ‘show all languages’ so that users from overseas could make the most of it. Hopefully, here we have fulfilled your wish of having a multi-lingual site as it is the easiest and the most effective way of doing it.

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